Bundeling connects your organisation’s people and teams. All in one place and on any device. Would you like to collaborate better, faster, and smarter? Effortlessly integrate files and business applications? You can with Bundeling!

Here is an overview of all of Bundeling’s features.

Header Features

Create your own Bundeling platform

Below are some of the features that are popular with our customers. This is just a small selection. You can add many more functionalities to your own Bundeling platform.



Share your news quickly and effortlessly. News released through the app has a much wider reach than newsletters and e-mails.

User profiles

Organised overview of all your colleagues or members.
User profiles
Organisation structure

Organisation structure

Create an organised overview of your community and categorise users into groups.

Connections & Introductions

Make connections with other users within your platform.
1 on 1 chat

1-to-1 Chat

Communicate quickly and effectively with our trusted chat module.


Automate all aspects of your events communications and save time with our helpful features.
Events and activities
Bundeling on any device

Bundeling on any device

Use Bundeling on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. 

The Bundeling Dashboard

Bundeling dashboard

Third party intergrations and partners

One of the hallmarks of Bundeling is our ability to seamlessly integrate and connect with other innovative systems. We regularly collaborate with other companies that are market leaders in their sectors. This collaboration makes our platform even stronger.

If a particular platform is already working well for you, let us know, and we will explore its potential for integration with Bundeling.