Frequently asked questions

At Bundeling, we are always happy to personally answer any questions you may have. If you don’t find the answer to your question in our FAQ section below, get in touch, and we’ll get back to you with an answer!

our frequently asked questions

We operate a network that has several national branches. Will everyone be able to see all the information we put on Bundeling?

Yes and no. All your information can be given a label. You can use these labels to give you full control over the information that people see or receive.

Can I use Bundeling to introduce new employees?

Yes, you can use Bundeling to share any kind of information you want, whether it’s company news, new colleagues, or the announcement of a company party. Anything goes!

We already have an Intranet. Do we still need Bundeling?

Bundeling is so much more than an Intranet. It goes beyond simply making information available to provide an interactive solution that truly connects people. Get in touch, and we will be happy to explain how Bundeling differs from an Intranet.

We have multiple information channels and portals for our employees. How will Bundeling fit in?

The power of Bundeling is that it offers functions like user profiles but can also bring together whatever external content you need. In other words, it can bundle everything into one app. The more communications channels your organisation has, the more you need Bundeling to keep on top of everything.

Can I expand the basic version of Bundeling with additional plugins?

Absolutely. Plugins can be added at any time.

Can our members limit the information available about them in the app?

Yes, they only need to provide a name and an e-mail address. All other details are optional. Users can add more details at any time.

What information can I share in the app?

That’s completely up to you. You can share any information about your organisation, including activities, events, and announcements, like the introduction of a new sponsor.

Are there any costs associated with the demo?

Great question. Our demo and all other steps at this stage are free of charge. Costs are only discussed when you are fully convinced that Bundeling can benefit your organisation.

What happens during training?

One of our specialists will take you and your team through the Bundeling system to show you everything you can do with it. We will also give you a host of Tips & Tricks to help ensure the seamless launch of your Bundeling app. #connectsmarter

Can anyone log into our app?

No. The Bundeling platform works on an invite-only basis. This means you have full control over how your Bundeling app is used and who can log in.

My organisation has a large number of employees who do not have their own computer. Can they still use Bundeling?

Absolutely. Bundeling is a mobile-first solution. Your employees can use the app on almost any Apple or Android device. Bundeling For Web is also available for all desktop users.

I can’t find the specific functionality I want in the plugins. Is it possible to add new ones?

Yes. One of Bundeling’s strengths is that we continuously innovate in collaboration with our customers. If there is a functionality that you would like to see added to the Bundeling platform, get in touch and set us a challenge!

Can our fans also download and use the Bundeling app?

No, the app is intended for internal communications within your business club, and access to it is by invitation only.

Can we use the app for ticketing?

Yes, you can. We work with various organisations that provide ticketing for football and other sports events.

We mainly want to use Bundeling to stimulate business connections. Can we leave scheduled matches out of the app?

Yes, any functionality can be turned on or off when setting up your app.

We are looking for a way to encourage interaction and stimulate business within our business club. Is Bundeling suitable for that?

Absolutely! Bundeling not only allows you to communicate with your club’s members, it also provides opportunities for them to connect and communicate with each other (without any intervention from you). Or, to put it in football terms, it gives them chances to create one-twos, triangles, easy headers and tap-ins themselves.

Our network association is looking for a tool that can send information to specific branches or groups. Can Bundeling do that?

Yes, content and functionality can be distributed based on labels to ensure that members receive only the information that is relevant to them. This is simple to set up. We will show you how during the implementation phase.

Can our business club use Bundeling to provide targeted information to different types of sponsors?

Yes, you can. All your information can be given a label. You can use these labels to give you full control over the information that people see or receive.