“It’s undeniably an added value for our business club. Bundeling is a real gold mine”

AS Saint-Etienne is one of the best-known football clubs in France. With a high-end and dedicated B2B network exclusively for its partners, AS Saint-Etienne uses Bundeling as part of its Business Club. More than 550 companies interact with each other daily and follow various news items in the business network platform.


“At the time of the Covid-19 lockdown, we noticed a gap in the tools that we were putting in place to interact and communicate effectively with our customers. Even after this period, the 90 minutes of matches every two weeks and the dozen business events a year were not enough anymore. It was also almost impossible to quantify the number of connections within our business network. It was therefore imperative to find an effective solution that could respond to the networking problem, and more generally to all our needs, to optimize the commitment of our members by our side”.


“Our application is a real 360° platform, easy to handle, and with several features that we have developed in connection with Bundeling. In addition to being a significant time saver for the sales department, this tool has allowed us to increase engagement with our B2B community. The application has also proven to be a very good complement to the traditional business relationship. In addition to the internal aspect, it allows our partners and members to connect professionally with each other, to do business, and therefore to see their return on investment more quickly”.

Specific Features

“Because of the application, our customers can easily follow the news of our Business Club. We can also target our communications using filters directly from our online dashboard. Convenient and efficient, we have also set up polls and created specific forms, such as the Sponsorships tab (= When one of the partners introduces a company to the club that can potentially be a future client of the business club).

Next to this, the Bundeling platform allows our partners to register directly for events. This made our event-management process much easier. An Excel file is updated automatically and in real-time from our dashboards data. Our customers receive a ticket by email after registering, and a QR Code within the application in addition to this.”.

– Nicolas JACQ, AS Saint-Etienne Commercial director

Member’s opinion

“This application is part of my essentials now. It’s undeniably an added value for our business club. Bundeling is a real gold mine, professionally speaking. It allows us to do business as well as follow the club’s news at any time from our phone. Other members who use the application can easily confirm it to you, we’ve adopted this tool very easily and quickly”.

– Marielle CHARROIN, AS Saint-Etienne Business Club member