‘I grow and develop every day’

Unicorn developer Remco is part of the Bundeling core team. He discovered his passion for programming at 14, and has developed his skills to turn his hobby into a full-time job. And not just any job! Remco is one of Bundeling’s creators. Over the last few years, he has climbed the ranks from Junior Developer to Lead Developer. We interviewed Remco and asked him about his remarkable career.

Could you share with us how you arrived at Bundeling?

“With a degree in business economics! Although I’d taken up programming in my teens, I actually decided to study business economics. Eventually, I realised that I really wanted a career that would allow me to focus on my favourite hobby: programming. Fortunately, Bundeling was more interested in my skills and enthusiasm than my degree. So that’s how my career at Bundeling started!”

Can you tell us more about how you got started at Bundeling?

“Well, Bundeling didn’t actually exist at that point. The only thing that existed was the idea of creating a new communication platform. So we had to develop a completely new system. I was a Junior Developer back then, and the team and I designed and developed Bundeling from scratch. Five years on, it’s amazing to see how many organisations are using our platform worldwide. The platform I helped to build from the ground up! I’m really proud of that.”

And five years on, you’re now Bundeling’s Lead Developer. Tell us about your role.

“I was proud to move up to the role of Lead Developer this year. In a nutshell, I’m responsible for all aspects of the Bundeling platform, ensuring that it runs smoothly and that we’re continuously working on developing new features. One of the projects I recently completed is ‘DataLink’. To put it in layperson’s terms, it’s a tool that allows us to pull data from any application with API capabilities. We’ve given it a simple drag-and-drop system that makes it easy to use for everyone. We’re working on another exciting project right now, but I can’t reveal any details just yetJ!”

What energises you?

“I get a lot of energy from Bundeling’s fast growth and all the challenges that come with that. I’m proud of the product and thrilled with Bundeling’s progress. The Bundeling team has regular gaming sessions together, and those sessions renew our energy and send us back to work with our minds refreshed. The team is fun and friendly, which makes coming in every day and working on Bundeling together really enjoyable.”

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