The benefits of Bundeling

What can your company or organisation accomplish with Bundeling? What will your employees or management gain from using this communications solution? How will your business club, industry association or sports club be enhanced by having its own Bundeling platform? In other words, what are the benefits of Bundeling?

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Bundeling for your business or organisation

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A successful communications strategy increases employee engagement

Your employees are the heart of your organisation. Effective communication between employees, branches, departments and teams is vital to your success.


Good communication brings people together, accelerates processes and improves the quality of collaboration. Engaged employees create a positive company culture and drive your organisation’s growth. 

Bundeling bundles all your communication flows into a single platform. Everyone in your organisation can have all the documents and information they need at their fingertips, anytime, anywhere, and on any device, online and offline.


Bundeling helps to ensure that your teams or departments are on the same page by facilitating consultation and coordination. You can also use Bundeling for onboarding new employees. It’s the way to get your employees connecting better and engaging more. Centralised, secure and fully GDPR compliant.

Bundeling for your business club

A successful communications strategy increases member satisfaction

Keeping your members active and involved is a huge challenge for any club or (industry) association. It can also be very time-consuming. Bundeling is a time-saving and incredibly effective tool for promoting interaction with and between your members.


Let them know your latest news quickly via push notifications and make it easier than ever for your members to connect and network with each other.


Organising meetings and events has never been simpler. Members can RSVP directly in the app and see a list of other attendees so they can plan ahead and maximise their networking opportunities. You can even automate the entire invitation process by automatically sending agenda requests, forms and e-tickets.


Bundeling connects your members wherever they are, 24/7. 

The benefits of Bundeling

Everything conveniently organised in one central app

1-to-1 and group chats

Create your own community

Separate the personal and professional

Prevent silo mentality

Secure and GDPR compliant

Bring your members together

Designed entirely in your organisation’s house style

Tailored to meet the needs of your organisation

Fast implementation process

Communicate news faster

Increases employee engagement

All colleagues under one button

Integrate other applications

Create new business models

In multiple languages, with translation function

Stay informed and up to date – anytime, anywhere.

Available on any device

Interaction via push notifications

Improve collaboration

Add new functionalities at any time

Create groups effortlessly

User-friendly for everyone

Intuitive, well-organised dashboard

More than 1000 organisations are already using Bundeling

Affordable for every organisation

Whatever the size of your company, organisation, club or association, Bundeling will have a positive impact.   Pricing is determined by the number of users and the functionalities you opt for, making Bundeling an affordable solution for every organisation.

To find out what Bundeling can do for your organisation, request a no-obligation quote by clicking the button below.