“We’re really happy with Bundeling!”

Could you introduce yourself and Oté Pharma?

My name is Ilse Cuijpers, and I work in Marketing & Communications at Oté, which is based in Uden in Brabant.We develop and manufacture contact lens solutions, eye drops and eye sprays, and we market these products in more than 60 countries around the world.

How did you discover Bundeling?

Two colleagues discovered Bundeling through an acquaintance and found it so interesting that we invited Bundeling to come and explain more about the app’s capabilities. I think Pim Balkestein visited us in October 2021, and we were immediately won over. Things went very quickly after that; we were already using the platform by the end of November 2021. That means we’ve been using our Bundeling platform for exactly a year now.

How did the implementation process go?

Lucas Hermans came to us just a week after the appointment with Pim to give us more information about how the platform works and how to set it up. We decided to start with the basic version and gradually expand it with more features. We eventually want to make use of the ability to integrate with Easydus, which will allow us to further automate our business processes.

Oté Pharma mockup
Wat was de reactie vanuit jullie medewerkers?

We merkten direct dat we de meeste feedback of tractie kregen op persoonlijke berichten. Iets waarbij een persoon centraal staat. Zo kregen we bijvoorbeeld bezoek van een klant uit Polen, waarmee we al 17 jaar samenwerken. Hier hebben we een kort bericht met een leuke foto van geplaatst. Daarnaast hebben we laatst mooie successen geboekt in Amerika en hebben onze Oté Amerika collega’s voor het hele bedrijf donuts geregeld om dit succes te vieren. Deze berichten kregen meer dan 25 likes, wat voor ons best veel is, want we zitten gemiddeld met ongeveer 100 collega’s in de app.

Welke leuke dingen delen jullie nog meer in het platform?

We informeren elkaar over leuke feitjes en stellen elkaar ook praktische vragen. Moet er iets gebeuren waarbij er hulp nodig is, dan wordt dat in het platform gevraagd. Daarnaast stellen we nieuwe collega’s voor, krijgen we automatisch verjaardagsmeldingen en delen we vacatures en bijvoorbeeld ook geboortenieuws. Ik zie nu bijvoorbeeld dat er collega’s naar de beurs zijn geweest en daar met een foto en een leuk verhaal verslag van doen. Vandaag is het trouwens ook de dag van de BHV’er, dus dan wordt er een mooi bericht gedeeld dat onze BHV’ers vandaag in het zonnetje zijn gezet.

“We’re especially pleased with how Bundeling gives you a quick, easy way of contacting your colleagues”
How did your employees respond to it?

It was immediately clear that we were getting the most feedback or traction on personal messages, things that focused on people. For example, we had a visit from a customer from Poland whom we’ve worked with for 17 years. We posted a short message about their visit along with a photo. Another popular post was when our colleagues at Oté America bought doughnuts for the entire company to celebrate our recent success in America. Those posts got more than 25 likes. We have about 100 colleagues on the app on average, so that’s a good response for us.

What other things do you share on Bundeling?

We swap fun facts and ask practical questions. If we need a few extra pairs of hands for something, we ask for help on the platform. We also use it to introduce new employees, send automatic birthday notifications, advertise job openings and share other things, like birth announcements. For example, I can see that some of my colleagues have posted a photo with a report of their visit to a trade fair. Today is actually Dutch FAFS (Emergency Response Officer) day, so we’ve shared a message about our FAFS team to put them in the spotlight today.

Could you share your experience of using Bundeling so far?

I’m sure you’re already aware of this, but we love Bundeling! We really like the short lines of communication that we have with the Bundeling team. This was especially important in the initial phase, when we launched the platform to our 100 employees within a couple of weeks. It helped us make sure that everything was set up exactly the way we wanted it. We’re especially pleased with how Bundeling gives you a quick, easy way of communicating with your colleagues. The platform allows us to post messages from the company, as well as share various resources and information with each other.