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In addition to the key to business golf, The Duke Club also offers its members an exclusive network environment. The ideal meeting place to relax and do business together. The Duke Business-app: a binding and connecting factor.

What is Bundeling for The Duke Club

The Duke Club is a high profile network club with a mixed member base where very high demands are set on tools and services. In particular, the accessibility and user-friendliness of the Bundeling app comes into its own here. The Business-app, as The Duke Club has called its app, basically ensures that members can easily find each other and view company and personal profiles. The app is anchored in the organization and a must have for the members who want to do business and expand their network.

A key feature is the custom plugin that makes it possible to easily reserve Golf starting times from the app. Apparently simple app features are also widely used. For example, the attendance function provides an insight into who will attend Golf and other activities and the note function, specially added for The Duke Club, is often used as a special reminder after a round of Golf

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Convenience serves man

The Backoffice of the club uses the app to onboard new members, after installing the app, each member immediately has all important files at his disposal, both on- and offline! In addition, members are kept informed of news and activities at the touch of a button. Interesting links and other content are also bundled in the Business-app. Think of links to; the website, the online newsletter and relevant Golf portals and apps. Convenience serves man!

The account managers use the backend of the platform to gain insight into the use of the app and network activity. The data helps to organize Golf flights and table settings after events and activities.

Single point of entrance

The Duke Business-app is a single point of entrance for members when it comes to Golf and business. Thanks to the intuitive UI and the ease with which the app can be installed, even the most inveterate digital literate has come to terms with it. The app strengthens the group feeling and the mutual connection, so that a contact is quickly established. Where Golf is the great equalizer between members, the Duke Business-app is the great connector.

The app is used by more than 90% of the members, with each member doing their own thing with it. Whether as a special reminder or to expand more business and its network. The Duke Business-app is a great success.

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