‘Life becomes a lot easier when everything can be found in one spot’

How did that first meeting go?

Reinold Wiedemeijer: “I got into a conversation with Bundeling in a sponsor’s home after a match. They told me what Bundeling did, and I was immediately enthusiastic. The thing I’d been searching for, already existed! Thanks to the Bundeling app, I will never speak to the wrong person again, and I can access all my business cards on my phone. It’s wonderful!”

“Apart from contact information, I can find my tickets and relevant information about matches in the Bundeling app. I can also see who will be at the matches, so if I want to talk to someone, I can immediately see if they have signed up for the match in question.”

Do you focus solely on professional soccer clubs?

“No, but I did start with professional soccer as an ambassador for Bundeling, because that’s where most of my contacts are. At the time, Bundeling asked me to open doors for them, because I still met with or spoke to a lot of people on a regular basis. That is one of the reasons why the ball started rolling in the world of soccer: I would arrange an appointment, and Bundeling employees would give a presentation. Of course, I also enjoyed going to appointments with the clubs. It’s great to see that almost all professional soccer clubs are now using Bundeling.”

“Bundeling has developed into a versatile communication tool in recent years, and is now used by many companies as their internal communications platform, where employees can find both each other and all useful information. This is made easier by the app, because you can add labels to your content. Is your message directed at the bakery department in your supermarket? If you add the ‘bakery’ label to it, your colleagues who work in the bakery will be the only ones who receive this message. This also prevents people from overlooking something: you only get messages that are addressed to you.”

“I always point all my contacts to Bundeling. Not because I want to sell a product, but because I want to offer them a solution. I genuinely think Bundeling is of great added value for many organizations, including in fields like construction and logistics.”

According to you, what’s the most significant advantage of Bundeling?

“The biggest advantage of Bundeling is that you always have all relevant information at hand, no matter where you are. You can’t lose it, like paper business cards. If I see someone who looks familiar, but I can’t remember their name or there’s something I really need to know, I immediately open the Bundeling app.”

You don’t have to sit down, open your laptop, and look for the correct document. That’s the secret of this app, I think; everything is bundled in your smartphone, so you have everything at the ready, and you can do anything you want!”

“Bundeling also helps in keeping work and private life separated: there are no work-related messages right next to your personal messages. Unlike, for example, WhatsApp group chats, which many organizations use, Bundeling is a closed platform. If an employee leaves the company, you can set their account to inactive, after which they won’t be able to view anything. If you’re using WhatsApp group chats, the conversation and flow of information will continue, and the ex-employee can do whatever they want with it.”

Is there something else you do, next to being an ambassador?

“Besides being an ambassador, I work for the municipalities of Venray and Bergen. I also have a wonderful wife and three beautiful children. They also noticed a difference between me when I was in a thousand WhatsApp group chats and me working with Bundeling. Nowadays, I don’t overlook my family’s WhatsApp messages anymore, and I only open the Bundeling app during working hours. This way, I’m not subconsciously working except when I’m supposed to.”