‘Work hard, play hard: that’s the key to happiness for me.’

Lucas is our Customer Success Manager and works in Bundeling’s sales department in Venray. Lucas oversees Bundeling’s customer base and serves as their primary point of contact. We asked Lucas to tell us about his work and shed some light on what goes on behind the scenes at Bundeling.

Can you tell us how you first joined the Bundeling team?

I had completed two sales-related internships with Bundeling as part of my secondary vocational education course in account management. One was a practical work placement, and the other was my final-year graduation internship. I was happy with how they went, and so was Bundeling, so we decided to stay in touch.

Bundeling’s was constantly expanding, and its customer base was growing. They were looking for someone with experience to help maintain their existing customer relationships. So, about 18 months after my last internship, Bundeling reached out and invited me for an interview. After enjoying my internships so much, the decision to work for Bundeling was easy.

Can you tell us more about your role as Customer Success Manager?

The Customer Success department is responsible for maintaining Bundeling’s current customer base. Our team works together to ensure that every customer uses their branded application to its full potential. Customers can come to us whenever they have questions. We actively engage with our customers to discuss strategies and ideas to help them get the most out of the app.

Can you walk us through a typical day?

My day starts with a friendly catch-up chat with my colleagues over coffee. Then I work with my client portfolio, assessing our customers’ use of the app through video calls or, whenever possible, face-to-face meetings.

Video calls mean I can easily schedule five meetings in a row. But I’m a real ‘people person’, and I prefer going to see customers myself. This creates a more personal connection, which makes working together more enjoyable for both of us. I also provide support to our sales team so prospective customers to meet their relationship manager face-to-face. I usually unwind at the end of the day by playing table tennis with my colleagues or enjoying office drinks with them on Fridays.

What energises you?

My energy comes mainly from cultivating customer relationships and communicating with our valued customers. They include Ajax, PSV, Ballast Nedam many other well-known businesses and organisations. This role takes you to a lot of fantastic places. It’s pretty amazing to find yourself in the middle of the Philips Stadium as part of your job! I also love that Bundeling has a highly innovative product that is constantly developing and improving. We make sure we’re always tuned into and keeping up with the latest trends.

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