7x HR trends that will impact your organization in 2023

As an HR professional, you need to stay on top of the latest trends and developments. After all, the job market never ceases to evolve. This blog will tell you all about the upcoming HR trends for 2023.

1. Hybrid working

Working hybrid is here to stay! Fortunately, we have spent the past year (relatively) corona-free. Still, working from home (at least partially) is here to stay within many organizations. Employees have experienced a better work-life balance during the pandemic. In addition, organizations have seen that working from home can be done just fine in many cases.

Hybrid working saves you a lot of office space, especially if you decide to set up your office accordingly. For example, you can install flexible workstations or create open meeting areas.

Dealing with hybrid workers also requires an organizational change in behavior. For example, think about how you will organize meetings, inform your employees and connect colleagues and/or teams.

2. Diversity and Inclusion

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is gaining prominence in the business world. We often think of CSR as CO2 reduction, waste separation and reducing energy consumption. A lesser-known but equally important theme within CSR is diversity and inclusion.

By diversity, we mean the (cultural) background or history of people in your organization. Did you know that diverse teams can significantly impact your bottom line? They often come up with creative solutions and new angles faster.

Inclusion means that everyone is welcome within your organization. Regardless of cultural background, gender, sexual orientation, belief or disability. Important HR themes that come into play within diversity and inclusion are:

  • Equal opportunities for men and women.
  • Providing space for cultural diversity.
  • Creating acceptance and support for the LGBT community.

3. Labor shortage

As an HR professional, you’ve probably noticed it. You are facing a tight labor market. That means little new talent, or you need to deploy a recruitment agency. Do you want to attract a new stream of talent to your organization? Make sure you don’t just offer a good salary but also look at other employee benefits such as:

  • Vacation days.
  • Possibility of hybrid working.
  • Flexible hours.
  • Company car (or public transport/electric bike).

In addition, some intangibles weigh into your applicant’s choice, such as your company’s mission or vision, the importance of CSR within your organization and how transparent, professional and welcoming your team is.

4. Being a good employer

This trend stems from the current tight labor market. Being a good employer is the antidote to employee shortages and will reduce turnover within your organization. Being a good employer may sound vague, but several generic points encompass being a good one.

Employees appreciate an employer when:

  • Opportunity for schooling is provided.
  • Employees are treated equally.
  • They are involved in decisions.
  • There is room for the employee as an individual.
  • There is an open and transparent corporate culture.
  • Collegiality is key.

5. Digitization

As an HR department, you are in contact with people all day long, yet HR will also increasingly digitalize. In the coming years, companies will increasingly use a data-driven HR policy. Using data as an HR department will give you insight into figures such as turnover, sick leave, employee satisfaction within your organization and more!

In addition, you can use various tools to digitize your HR processes. By digitizing simple operations, you will make your department considerably more efficient. You eliminate easy but often time-consuming tasks, allowing your department to focus on change management and making impactful decisions.

Bundeling allows you to digitize various HR processes, such as leave requests, declarations, sick notes and payroll administration. With a Bundeling platform, you can also centralize all your communication flows in one place. Contact us for more information!

6. Sustainable employability

This trend also fits nicely into the picture of labor shortages. In the coming years, organizations will make more effort to maintain their employees’ physical and mental health. Investing in their health significantly impacts sick leave, the likelihood of burnout or long-term illness and, of course, the possibility of an employee leaving your company.

So as an HR employee, you will need to think about topics such as vitality and workload. Involving a vitality coach in setting up a (voluntary) vitality program for employees gives a lot of insight, inspiration and new ideas and is fun too!

7. Employee engagement

Thanks to the rise of hybrid working, keeping employees engaged is becoming increasingly difficult. You might have seen a few news articles pass by on Quiet Quitting. Quiet Quitters strictly do the bare essentials at work. When they finish their tasks, they stop work to do something else or do nothing for the rest of the day.

Quiet Quitting is becoming more and more common, especially among employees who don’t feel engaged or experience an excessive workload. As an employer, take a critical look at your goals and create connections in your company. Keeping employees involved in your business is more than organizing monthly networking drinks. For example, you can share news updates regularly or maintain daily personal contact. To learn more about increasing employee engagement, read our blog!

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