“It's a well-done experience”.

Guglielmo Donnini, Premium Corporate Sales Account, shares insights into AS Roma’s Business Club initiative and Bundeling contribution in reaching an 80% renewal rate, going from a free to a paid membership. He has been an integral part of AS Roma’s Business Club for three years, witnessing its growth and evolution firsthand. The AS Roma’s Business Club stands out as a pioneering project in Italy, leveraging football as a catalyst for networking and business engagement.

How was the situation before?

Before implementing Bundeling, we faced several challenges in managing our business club effectively. The existing web platform provided limited engagement and a clunky user experience, making it more difficult to communicate effectively and create networking opportunities within our business club. The event management was particularly challenging, requiring manual processes such as Excel lists, external forms and email communications.

Why did you start engaging with Bundeling?

We started looking for a more comprehensive solution that also offered an app and event management system. We explored several options and ultimately chose Bundeling because it was the most complete solution for networking and event management, making it the ideal choice for AS Roma’s Business Club.

What is the impact of the app?

Since implementing Bundeling, we have witnessed a significant increase in member engagement and participation within our network. With over 50.000 app openings and events sold out in no time. Our platform has become our club members’ central hub for networking. Features such as one-on-one chat, event registrations, and the marketplace have been particularly well-received by our members, facilitating seamless interaction and new business opportunities in the network.

What kind of success stories and business opportunities have been created through the network?

We have seen tangible business outcomes facilitated by the AS Roma Business Club and Bundeling. Members have successfully closed deals and formed partnerships through the platform, highlighting the effectiveness of our business club and Bundeling as a business tool. The introduction of features like Man of the Match voting and corporate ticket purchases have further enhanced member satisfaction and engagement.

What are the future plans?

Looking ahead, we plan to leverage Bundeling’s capabilities to implement a loyalty system, enhancing our member retention and engagement. As a club, we also aim to explore additional functionalities, such as speed-dating events, to enrich the networking experience for our members. We also look forward to collaborating more with other clubs using Bundeling to share knowledge and drive innovation across the platform and industry.

How is the overall Bundeling experience?

It’s a well-done experience. I am always happy to share moments with the Bundeling team. Everyone responds super fast, even on weekends. They’re always very prepared and looking to help.

Andrea Carsetti, Ceo & Founder of Carsetti & Partners:

“The AS Roma Business Club App is ideal to meet new entrepreneurs united by a passion for football and building new synergies and collaborations. Practical, intuitive, innovative!”

Mirko Cucchiarelli, Head Of Premium Sales & Business Community:

“In addition to helping us with the digital platform, Bundeling has always helped us in creating synergies with other Football Clubs.

Last year we organized together the first “International Business Club meeting”, a great occasion to share ideas and experiences regarding B2B models, innovations, and more, with other European Football Clubs.

This year we’ll have soon the second edition of the international meeting and we have already collected double the participants”