“We created a community feeling with Bundeling”

Club Deportivo Leganés S.A.D. is a Spanish football club that currently plays in the Segunda División from LaLiga. The home stadium is the Butarque in Leganés in the autonomous region of Madrid. CD Leganés started their digital business club six months ago, and currently has over 100 local members. In this case study, Victor Marin Morales, Communication and Business Director tells us how CD Leganés transformed their business club using Bundeling.

What challenges were you facing before Bundeling?

Before Bundeling, we used to communicate with our partners via email, phone calls or Whatsapp. For example, if we wanted to host an event. We had to send email after email to our partners. We had a list of partners, but it wasn’t easy for us to make attendance lists for our events. Everything had to be done manually.

Next to this, we had no place where partners could speak to each other, or where they could see the event schedule. This was one of the main challenges Leganes was facing.

Why did you choose Bundeling?

Well, when I saw what Bundeling could offer us, I immediately saw that it was a great solution for us and the sponsors. It gave us the possibility to create a business community, which is really important for us. The communication before Bundeling was just from the club to one sponsor, and now we have a platform where sponsors can communicate back with us, and connect with each other.

This builds a community between them, that’s really what we were looking for. Now we’re building relationships not only between the sponsor and Leganes, but also between the sponsors themselves. This binds the community together, because they will have an easier time finding meaningful business relationships within the business club. So, when we renew our contract with them, it will be easier if they feel part of a community that also serves them. This was the main reason we wanted to implement the Bundeling app.

How are you using Bundeling?

We use the platform to speak with our sponsors, send invitations and tickets for matches and events. Before Bundeling, we had to send tickets for our sponsors to the stadium’s entrance and there was always a queue. Now, we use the Bundeling app to directly send the tickets to our partners, so they can come into the stadium with their phone.

We created a community feeling by speaking with our partners through the group- or individual chats. Next to this, we organize different events using the platform. For example, we organized a football match with another business club recently, our members could participate and let us know their shirt sizes, all via the Bundeling app.

Furthermore, our members can find all important information in just one click on their mobile phone. So, we are using Bundeling for a lot of different things actually.

What features are you using most?

We like the chat functions most. For us, this is the most important function for creating a community. Next to this, the function where you can see all the companies that are in the platform is used a lot by our partners.

Nowadays we can also send tickets to our partners which really comes in handy. And of course, the event section. We don’t have to write an email and make an Excel file for every event. This happens automatically. Our guest list Excel file gets updated automatically through the Bundeling app.

Bundeling is really there to help us and push us to get the best use out of our platform.

What do you like about Bundeling?

Well, as an organization, we really liked how Bundeling helped us through the process. We felt that the team at Bundeling understood what we needed from the very first moment. I like the support we have, if we have any doubts or problems with the app, Bundeling is always there to help us.

We also like the way you believe in your product. Of course, there are a lot of big, important clubs using Bundeling. But the Bundeling team still really pushes us to get the best use out of the platform. This is really important for us, because we know we have a good application and we have to use it.

For example, this summer, we were really busy but you contacted us and said; “Hey guys, I see there’s been little activity in the application. Start using it more!” This is important. The Bundeling team doesn’t just sell the app and say “good luck with it.” No, Bundeling is really there to help us and push us to get the best use out of our platform.

What are the expectations for the future of your app?

Well, I think we still have to improve the use of our platform. We are obliging the sponsor to use it by sending out the tickets, and we need to make this process even easier. We have to continue developing the community feeling. We’re trying to get the sponsor to start using the marketplace when they have offers or anything to share.

What we want most is that the sponsor feels Leganes is a friend. And we really feel that Bundeling can help us achieve this.