“It’s really incredible: 100% of our staff use the Bundeling app every day.”

Can you tell us a little about yourself and the companies Geerets De Leeuw, and Personenvervoer Midden Limburg? My name is Jan Janssen, and I was born and raised in northern Limburg. I’ve worked in the cooperative world for 30 years and have been an independent consultant since 2017. I started working for the passenger transport companies GDL & PML after my friend John Geerets passed away. The weekend before John died, I promised him that I would help his wife, Karin, manage his companies. John died in September 2021. That’s when I suddenly found myself working in the transportation industry, a sector I was quite unfamiliar with at the time.

Did that make it difficult when you took on the business?

No, because ultimately, the people who work for the company are its heart and soul. It doesn’t matter what kind of work you do as long as you’re working with enthusiastic people who have passion for their profession.

We facilitate collective transportation, such as patient and student transport. I quickly discovered how wonderful it actually is to be a driver, especially for the groups we work with. We operate according to a clear vision: that everyone should be able to go wherever they need or want to go, regardless of their budget or ability.

How did you learn about Bundeling?

I’ve known about Bundeling for a while. I had already been looking for smarter ways to communicate in my previous job. We worked with Intranet, Extranet and the Internet. When I found out about Bundeling three or four years ago, it sparked something. I thought,“Wow! Wouldn’t it be great if you could combine all those things in one?”

When I first came to Geerets de Leeuw, I thought we should have a meeting for all the employees. But when I proposed the idea, people gave me a doubtful look and said, “Taxi drivers are always on the road. Do you know what you’re asking?” There are very few opportunities to discuss things with drivers face to face. We did have an Intranet solution, but it was mainly intended to keep track of their journeys. So our communications really needed to improve.

This soon gave me the idea of implementing Bundeling within the company. We wanted to use it as an integral solution from the start, not just as a tool for communicating but also as a Content Management System. So pay slips and insurance claims processing are now also handled via the Bundeling app. As a result, we’ve ultimately been able to create a very effective solution for our taxi firm.

It’s really incredible: 100% of our employees use the Bundeling app every day.
How are your drivers using the Bundeling app?
I was initially a bit apprehensive about that, to be honest. Our youngest driver is in his 20s, and the oldest is 77. Our average driver is about 60 years old. So I did worry about whether they would use an app. In the end, our employees have taken to it very well. It’s really incredible: 100% of our employees use the Bundeling app every day.

That has given our efficiency an enormous boost. Bundeling has allowed us to digitise payslips, holiday requests and our internal communications. We also share fun facts with our staff. We’ve created a suggestion box on the platform, and that has already given us a lot of good ideas. Thanks to the app, people are actively engaged in thinking collaboratively about how to improve our company.

Why do you think Bundeling is working so well for your organisation?
I think it’s partly to do with the nature of our drivers. Our taxi drivers spent a lot of time out in the community, providing transport for schools and those with disabilities. They like to connect with people, and they enjoy talking to our customers. We want to give our drivers something extra, especially now, when we’re dealing with labour shortages. We’re a local family business, and our goal is to be our region’s top transport company. This vision helps our organisation create a bond with people.

Do you have any advice for anyone who is considering using Bundeling?
I can’t think of any reason not to use Bundeling. It takes a lot of work off your hands and brings enormous benefits in terms of efficiency. It’s not just a tool for internal communications. Bundeling is an all-in-one solution that has everything you need. So don’t hesitate – just make the switch.