“It’s a very powerful tool for us and our partners”

In this case study, Alex Torremorell, Partnerships Operations Manager and Fransesc Rojas, Head of Hospitality & Business Club at Girona Football Club, explain how Bundeling supports their business club. 

The Girona FC Business Club is a vibrant community of partners, hospitality clients, and suppliers connected to Girona FC. The primary aim is to facilitate networking opportunities and drive business growth for all members. The number of members has grown by 50% in the past two seasons, and the club is expanding the event calendar from 2 to 12 events per year next season.

How was the situation before?

Before using Bundeling, our communication with our business members was very traditional and involved manual processes. We mostly relied on email, WhatsApp, phone calls and maintained Excel lists to manage member registrations and data. Our members also did not know who else was in the network and could only meet each other at events. That’s why we regularly received questions about introducing members to each other, requiring us to send many emails.

Why did you start engaging with Bundeling?

One of our members was using Bundeling at another business club and showed us the app. We immediately realised that we needed this type of tool to continue growing and improving. While having a business club is one thing, managing everything that comes with it using traditional methods takes a lot of time. To run a professional and efficient business club, you need a tool that is dedicated to this purpose, and for us, that tool is Bundeling. It brings together all the necessary components within the app to effectively manage our business club.

What is the impact of the app?

It helped us a lot to improve and simplify the way we communicate with our business club members. It’s so easy to have all the partners and information in one place, and it looks nice and is user-friendly. Our members can easily find each other, connect and speak without our help. It’s very fast and efficient for them. We can easily target our communication to keep it relevant for all members. 

Another great thing is the registration forms and access control through the e-tickets for events, which are very fast and easy. We only started using this feature this season, so we made it mandatory to use the app for attending events.

What are the future plans?

We can still do many things to improve and grow the app. For example, we want to explore integrating our parking and matchday ticketing into the app to simplify these processes and reduce our reliance on emails for daily communications. In the upcoming season, we will also change and improve several areas of the app and add more content to improve the experience for our members. We also want to involve more departments from our club to make it a club-wide project and unlock its full potential to make it even more powerful.

How is the overall Bundeling experience?

As we said, it helped us a lot in different areas, but the most important thing is that the Bundeling team is there for us – every day and every time that we need it. The support Bundeling gives is excellent. They don’t just sell the product and disappear; they really help us every day by proposing meetings, checking how it is going, and giving us ideas. This was a crucial part for us to continue with Bundeling, even though we were with a very small team at the beginning of our partnership and did not have much time. 

In addition, we find it very valuable to have opportunities to learn from and share knowledge and experiences with other clubs Bundeling is working with.