“Bundeling thinks along with us in a very active way."

My name is Isabelle Rijk, and I work at N.E.C. as a Sales Manager. Together with my colleagues, I am responsible for the commercial budget of our business club. This club consists of 450 companies, all using the Bundeling app. We recently also fully switched our internal communication to Bundeling.

When did you make that transition?

Since the summer of 2023, we communicate exclusively through Bundeling with our club members. It took some getting used to for some. We had been using the app for a while but also continued to send e-mails to our members. This meant that some members still were not using the app.

If you keep sending mails with the same information you put in the app, you don’t encourage members to use the platform. Now that we’ve completely switched to Bundeling, communication is easier for everyone since you always have your phone with you.

Besides communication, we also manage our match tickets and event registrations through the app. Fortunately, it works well, and it helps to get members on board quickly.

Where else do you use the platform?

We organise all our events through the Bundeling platform. People register via the app and fill in the questionnaire, allowing us to gather all the necessary information from the app. We are currently in the process of using the platform even more widely.

What we introduced this season is the Man of the Match. Business members can vote for Man of the Match twice per game, in the 60th and 80th minutes. After the match, we present the results on the platform.

Additionally, we utilise the ‘marketplace’ feature. Companies post offers and can request specific services. One of our members, [https://kerstpakketten.com,/]Kerstpakketten.com, for example, offers all other members in the business club a reduced rate for purchasing Christmas hampers.

Are there specific features you use a lot?

The personal information pages are heavily utilised. Companies can search for each other here and make connections. Also, our members make extensive use of the one-on-one chat function and the news, of course!

What kind of news do you post?

It’s quite broad. We post updates related to matches or announcements about new events. Equally important are the introductions of new members in the app. We always do these with a photo and a piece of text about their company. Our members highly appreciate these posts.

How would you describe your experience with Bundeling?

Very positive. Bundeling genuinely thinks along with us. The assistance we receive and the contact we have with you are very personal. I feel like we can approach Bundeling with any question. We also appreciate how actively you engage in new developments. Bundeling is simply a perfect communication tool for us. We’re genuinely very positive about it.