How Rumbold connects 400 HR Professionals using Bundeling

Rumbold is a knowledge-sharing platform for HR professionals. Founded in 2010, it facilitates and encourages the sharing of knowledge between HR professionals, with both online and offline events. There are currently about 250 diverse organizations active on Rumbold’s platform. Over four years ago, Rumbold started using Bundeling. We spoke with Gert-Jan van Vredendaal, Rumbold’s owner, about his experiences.

Why did Rumbold start using its own Bundeling app?

“We were looking for an accessible and effective way that would allow us to present Rumbold and its peer-to-peer platform as an extension of HR professionals’ work. We arrived at the idea of creating an app pretty quickly, because that would make Rumbold very accessible to all users. Using our network, we came into contact with Bundeling, and quickly discovered that we were a great match. Nowadays, the Rumbold app is an integral part of our platform and is used by some 400 HR professionals on a daily basis. COVID, even though it’s been awful, has also bolstered the app’s use,” says Gert-Jan.

A look at the Rumbold app

The Rumbold app has become a very versatile platform. The invite-only app is set up in a way that allows HR professionals to connect easily. Members can contact each other, send instant messages, and see who works for what organization. Additionally, members can sign up for all Rumbold-organized events, both online and offline. Most events also generate new HR documents, which can be found easily in the Rumbold app. This way, all the HR professionals at Rumbold are always up-to-date.

In addition to the above functionalities, there are more custom features that can be found in the app. According to Gert-Jan, one of these really stands out: “One of the most useful features — and the one we get the most compliments for — is the Q&A feature. An HR professional from one company can type a question into the app and receive an answer from another professional at another company within 5 minutes. That’s awesome!”

How do you look back on four years of Bundeling?

The Rumbold app is accessed about 2,000 times a week, and the vast majority of members is active on a daily basis. “People follow the dynamic of the app. I get nothing but positive feedback. Our goal of making the Rumbold app an accessible extension has been 100% successful,” says Gert-Jan.