“Bundeling as a communication tool and binding agent for our employees.”

Seacon Logistics is a global partner for its clients in the field of logistics. As a ‘chain director,’ they take care of the entire logistics process for their clients. In this client case, Rico Gielen, marketing manager at Seacon Logistics, shares Seacon’s experience with the Bundeling app.

Could you tell us about yourself and Seacon Logistics?

My name is Rico Gielen, and I’ve been working at Seacon Logistics as a marketing manager since 2005. Seacon Logistics operates worldwide, taking full control of our clients’ logistical needs. Seacon is based in the Netherlands, Germany, and Hungary, with a total of around 450 permanent colleagues.

How do you use the Bundeling app?

We use Bundeling as a communication tool and as a binding agent for our employees. Seacon Logistics has grown significantly over the years. In Venlo alone, we have 11 separate buildings. We also have locations in other parts of the Netherlands and are based in Germany. To keep all these people engaged and effectively share knowledge with each other, a solution was necessary.

That’s when Bundeling came onto our radar. We believed it would be a useful tool to achieve our communication goals. We started with the implementation of our new marketing strategy in parallel with our Bundeling platform, Seaconnected.

How do you use the app to achieve these goals?

The news module is essential for us. We connect our marketing and communication initiatives there. Additionally, we made it clear to employees that Bundeling would be our communication tool from that point on. So, we don’t handle everything via email. If you want to stay involved as an employee and access that information, you must use Bundeling.

We also have an event where we give colleagues the opportunity for input and interaction. This event is called SeaConnected Live. During this event, the management outlines the organisation’s direction. Our colleagues can effectively provide input during this event.

Yes, the combination of physical and online is crucial. Do you notice a lot of engagement with the messages you share in the Bundeling app?

Yes, a lot of reading and interaction take place. However, it doesn’t happen automatically. You have to engage your employees with information that’s important to them. We have an editorial team responsible for what is posted in the app. They decide on the messages and activities that we share through the app.

Additionally, our HR department came up with Seacon Switch. If you have a specific role but want to try something new, you can do that within Seacon Logistics. There are always departments that need additional capacity, and you can temporarily work on a project from another department. We post these job profiles on Seacon Switch, a section of the app. Employees can then respond to them.

So, from various departments, you’re actively exploring how to use Bundeling to keep employees connected?

Yes, definitely. We also use the noticeboard for this purpose. If something is happening in the personal lives of colleagues, they can post it on the noticeboard. For example, if you belong to an association that is organizing an event and you want to encourage your colleagues to attend, you can use the noticeboard for that.

How would you describe your experience with Bundeling?

It’s actually outstanding. Bundeling helps us be OneSeacon. Colleagues get to know each other and support each other, which helps us achieve our goals. It’s a great partnership. Also, if there’s ever a need for support, Bundeling responds quickly.