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At a time when traditional communication tools such as intranet, e-mail, bulletin boards and WhatsApp no longer meet the needs of employees, customers or members, an effective communication platform remains crucial! Check out the solutions for you!

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Increase engagement

  • Improve communication at all levels with Bundeling
  • Efficient and effective communication possible at all times

Communicate efficiently

  • Use one central app for all information and communication
  • Secure internal communication on a reliable platform
  • Save time as employees find each other faster

Centralise integrations

  • Centralise important information in one location
  • Link to essential integrations and processes
  • Ensure every employee knows where to find documents, processes and colleagues

Connect your network

  • Bundle your business club on one platform for easy connection
  • Members quickly stay up to date with the latest news
  • Easily organise meetings and networking events
  • Subscribe or unsubscribe members instantly with visibility of others’ attendance
  • Automate the invitation process

Digitise processes

Still using paper forms for leave requests?

  • Reduce paper by digitising business processes
  • Easily create digital forms
  • Collect data easily via the dashboard
  • Simplify leave requests and other processes with digitisation

More than 1000 organisations are already using Bundeling

Curious if Bundeling is the right choice for you?

Bundeling makes a positive impact within companies, organisations, clubs, or associations. The cost of Bundeling depends on the number of users and the chosen functionalities. This makes us an affordable solution for any organisation.

Feel free to contact us for a quote that suits your organisation, or discover how Bundeling works by requesting a free demo.