Better business networking with a communication platform

Are you currently getting the most out of your business network? Business clubs and network organisations can do a lot more to connect members with each other. With a communication platform this is easily achieved. Read on and find out what a communication platform can do for your business network.

How much do you get out of your business network?

What does your business network consist of? Networks are all (groups of) people with whom you share information or services. So your network can consist of your LinkedIn connections, colleagues, business associates or entire network groups. These are often business clubs or other associations that get together once in a while to share ideas and help each other out.

Networking is give and take. This means that you share knowledge, but you also receive knowledge. A good business network helps you in your career or business by giving you insights from other people around you. Is that what you are getting out of your network at the moment?

Why is business networking important?

The purpose of networking is to achieve growth for yourself and the people in your network. This growth can be in turnover or salary, but this is more of a consequence. By growing personally or by learning from the experience of others you learn to make the right choices for yourself or your business.

In a way, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel for every challenge that comes your way. You can simply go to someone in your network and ask them what their experience was with this problem.

How do you build a network?

There are many ways to build a business network. Basically, all you need to do to build a network is to make contact with (and maintain) people. You probably already have a business network, without realising it or doing anything with it. Think of old colleagues, fellow students, LinkedIn connections, you name it!

You can expand your network everywhere. Not only during networking events, fairs or courses, but also on a birthday, Friday afternoon drink or company outing.

Would you like to join a networking organisation or business club? There are probably already many local initiatives in your area. Often, you only need to fill in an application form or send an e-mail to become a member. These organisations or business clubs organise events where you can come into contact with other ambitious professionals.

Why you should expand your network

But what exactly is the advantage of a broad network? We said it before; a large network is crucial for growth. A large network helps you to:

Gain new insights into your field

If you have been in the same profession for years, chances are you have been doing this work in the same way for years. By talking to people in your network who are in the same line of work, you may learn something new… You will avoid falling behind!

A solution for your problems

A good and broad business network consists of different specialists. Everyone has their own field of expertise, right? Are you, for example, struggling with a legal issue? A lawyer in your network might be able to provide you with an obvious solution.

Opportunities for your business or to give your career a boost

When you get to know people and vice versa, they know what they can expect from you. You will notice that if you actively start networking, you will automatically be offered new positions or assignments.

How do you keep in touch with your business network?

Networking is not only about making new contacts but also about maintaining contacts. Knowing how to find the right people when you need them and making sure people can find you. This can be difficult. The threshold to contact someone offline is sometimes high. Especially when technology is not on your side or when you have barely spoken to a connection in ‘real life’.

Try to take this into account when meeting new people. After your meeting, propose to link on LinkedIn and ask your conversation partner if he/she likes it when you get in touch in a while. In this way, you have already removed the first barrier for yourself and you will have less of a feeling that you are ‘just bothering’ someone with your message.

It is also good to know that most people are happy to help. And remember: A bold person has half the world!

How a smart platform can contribute to your business network.

Business networking happens more and more online as well as offline. Therefore, you can benefit from the use of a smart platform for your business network. LinkedIn and Whatsapp are certainly handy to get in touch with people, but this is certainly not ideal. Conversations may be mixed up, they may only be possible on a one-to-one basis, or there may be little opportunity for personalisation.

Are you already a member of a business network or a business club? Then your network organisation can easily be brought together. By using your own communication platform, everyone in your network will be kept informed of everything that is happening in your network. This way you can be sure that you do not miss anything and get the most out of your business network!

Smarter business networking with the Bundeling platform

With Bundeling’s communication platform you can easily create your own application for your business club or network organisation. This way, everyone in your network is better connected, everyone gets a great insight into upcoming events and online discussions can be held about issues that multiple connections get stuck on. It makes online business networking fun and easy.

The benefits of the Bundeling platform for business networking

With Bundeling’s communication platform you can set up your communication platform exactly as you want it. With a wide range of functions to choose from, Bundeling gives you a communication platform for business networking, completely in the style of your network organisation! Your Bundeling app includes features such as:

  • Personalised profiles
  • 1 on 1 conversations
  • Newsfeeds
  • An activity calendar
  • E-tickets for events
  • Polls
  • A bulletin board
  • Group Chats

About Bundeling

Bundeling is a central hub for communication. You can customise it entirely according to your wishes. This includes your own house style, but also the choice of functions you deem important for your business club or network organisation. Click here to learn more about our communication platform for business networks, get in touch or request a free demonstration.