Easydus and Bundeling – Bundle your communications and automate your business processes in one application!

Easydus and Bundeling have joined forces to meet your digital needs in the best possible way. By equipping our communication platform with an integration of EasyDus, our customers can handle various processes from the Bundeling app – and automate their own workflow in this way.

Curious about the possibilities? In this article we”ll tell you about the handy functionality of the Easydus integration in your Bundeling app – and how one of our customers is already benefiting from this collaboration.

But first a word on Easydus

Easydus is a flexible platform that allows you to automate your own specific workflow. The unique thing about Easydus is that because of the flexibility of the system, you can fill it in with your own specific wishes. For example, you can create your own forms and fields or determine your own specific steps.


Workflow means that you handle a process in a number of steps or tasks. Your business is full of these processes. Think about leave requests: someone requests a holiday, the manager has to approve it and then the leave request has to be forwarded to HR. With Easydus this process is automated!

In fact, anything is possible with Easydus. They can set up a workflow according to specific wishes where multiple people have to work on one process. You can think of:

  • All kind of approval processes;
  • Leave requests;
  • Time registration;
  • Receipt declaration process;
  • Claims handling;
  • Quality inspection process;
  • Incident reports;
  • Workplace inspection;
  • HR onboarding tasks;
  • Inspection and handling onboarding processes;
  • Entry and exit control for transportation companies.

The convenient thing about the integration in Bundeling is that employees no longer need a separate app to complete different tasks. Also, the communication of messages, for example a notification of a leave request goes through Bundeling. This way, you no longer need emails for communication traffic.

In addition, by integrating your workflow, you can also automatically include information in your process. For example, you can automatically enter your name, surname and bank account number when requesting a claim. After approval, this declaration can also be sent automatically to the accounting system with an email and PDF attachment.

Is your own specific process not listed above? Then please contact Bundeling to discuss your specific requirements.

Haven’t you heard of us yet? This is Bundeling!

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Our motto isn’t just ‘Connect Smarter’ for any reason… Bundeling wants nothing more than to bundle people together in one user-friendly platform.

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Easydus & Bundeling – Why integrate?

Easydus & Bundeling both have a nice platform of their own. So why integrate them?

The nice thing about this combination is that through Bundeling you have a platform which allows you to be in contact with all your employees. They can see the latest updates of their organization and they can send and receive messages, but they probably also want to submit a declaration, request leave or do their registration. That is possible with Easydus. If you combine that in one platform you have a nice winning proposition in our eyes. Then the submission of a request, the settlement and the communication can both take place in the Bundeling platform and you have a winning proposition.

“In the old days with companies you had Intranet, you had to log on to it via the computer the moment you started it up. So you could see the news, request your leave, submit your hours and see your paycheck. What we are doing now is replacing the intranet with the Bundeling app. The combination with Easydus makes it possible to add very specific applications in this app.” ~ Cano Coc – Easydus

The big advantage of integrating is that as a customer you don’t have to buy a new platform. That means no new instructions, installation or the like thanks to this integration.

How do customers apply this?

With Easydus you can be very flexible in designing your own process. For Bakkers Transport we have set up a process for the entrance and exit check. When goods come in we can check this, and automatically a document is generated which can be signed. This way nothing has to be printed or physically signed.

Another example of these processes is the declaration of damage. Through the connection of Easydus truckers can quickly and easily fill in a damage form, which is then forwarded to a department that handles the damage. This department then forwards it to a garage that repairs the damage and gives feedback to the department and the trucker.

How does the end user experience this collaboration?

In order to make this integration it was important that the end-user could effortlessly use both Easydus and Bundeling. Therefore we have built the integration in such a way that the user does not notice that he is being redirected. All messages and feedback is done through the Bundeling app. This way you can also see in the menu item of Bundeling which leave requests, damage forms or the like you have filled out.

Want to know more about Easydus? Check out their website. Do you also want a smart integration in your Bundeling app, or do you want to know more about our platform or a demo of Bundeling – Easydus application? Then get in touch with us today!