What is intranet?

What is intranet? Intranet is a private network within an organization. In some cases, intranet is tied to a local (internet) network, but it can also connect different users worldwide. Intranet allows different computers, smartphones or other devices to connect directly with each other.

What do you use intranet for?

Intranet is mainly used to share information internally. In some cases, intranet is a convenient platform, but it can also be a website accessible only to employees, members or other stakeholders. In most cases, you can link programs or software to your intranet so that employees can more easily collaborate on documents or view workflows and schedules.

What are the benefits of intranet?

Intranet helps you to:

  • Keep important information together in one place;
  • Keep lines of communication short and accessible;
  • Share and store documents in a secure environment;
  • Collaborate faster with colleagues;
  • Increase employee engagement;
  • Automate processes and workflows;
  • Strengthen your corporate identity;
  • Provide employees with a platform to share their opinions.

What is the difference between intranet and extranet?

In addition to intranet, you may have heard the term extranet. This is roughly the same thing as intranet. We speak of an extranet only when you share it with people outside your organization. In other words, when you use the platform for external communication instead of internal communication we call it an extranet instead of an intranet.

Extranet is mostly used for contact with stakeholders, customers or other external parties.

Classic- or social intranet?

You may be familiar with the classic intranet. You log on to your work PC and you are directed to a secure environment. Here you find all your documents or other important files and access to your work email. In addition, your employer can send you messages or you have to check them on a timeline.

The classic intranet offers employees few opportunities for two-way communication. By this we mean that employees are not encouraged to express their opinions or support for the messages you share as an employer. With a social intranet, on the other hand, users are actually motivated to share their opinions.

This has a positive effect on your employee engagement and motivation.

Social intranet from Bundeling

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