New Feature: Tagging & Replying

We’re launching new features with this update. As of today, Bundeling is available in Greek, and you can tag platform users or directly respond to someone’s comments.


You’ve probably seen or even done this on social media: if you want to show someone something, you tag them in a message or a comment, and they immediately get a notification that you’ve tagged them. This way, you can bring something to their attention. We thought this would be a good idea for Bundeling – that’s why you can now tag any user from your Bundeling platform in comments. Useful, right?

It works like this: you type an at sign (@) followed by the name of whoever you want to tag. A little window will pop up with the names your platform recognizes. Now, all you have to do is select the right person by clicking on their name and finish your message. Have you posted your message? The user you tagged will receive a notification.


You’ve been able to react to news items for a while now, but now you can also respond to existing reactions. This creates a better overview of what people are saying and stimulates more interaction in Bundeling.

We’ve added a ‘reply’ button below every reaction: click on it to respond to that message. The original poster will then automatically be tagged in your message, meaning they’ll receive a notification. You can also choose to leave out their tag, which allows you to still respond to the message without them receiving a notification for it.

We’re curious what you think of this new and improved interactive Bundeling!