Two-way communication: communicating in 2022

Two-way communication.

It is THE way to communicate in 2022. To be honest, this was already the case in the past, but from now on you will see this term used more and more often. Business communication in which sending without listening is the norm will become a thing of the past. This is no coincidence. This new approach to communication has many advantages for your organization!

What is two-way communication?

Two-way communication is a conversation or interaction between two people. The requirement is that the conversation or interaction is reciprocal. This means that both parties are sender as well as receiver. In other words, one party says something and the other party has the opportunity to respond.

In “one-way” communication, you have one sender and one receiver, whereas in two-way communication, both parties are both the sender and the receiver.

Why is two-way communication important?

Some reasons why two-way communication is important:

Improved productivity

Two-way communication increases productivity by encouraging departments and employees to share knowledge, ask questions and have discussions. This increases understanding within your organization of various processes and actions.

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Increased job satisfaction

We all feel better when we are being listened to. By making room for two-way communication, you give employees the feeling that they are being listened to. This makes your colleagues feel more connected to each other – and your company.

Better collaboration

Two-way communication not only ensures that communication between different “layers” within your organization improves. It also emphasizes the fact that there is an ‘open company culture’ on the work floor. This feeling ensures that people work and interact better with each other. Employees get a better understanding of each other and each other’s tasks, which makes them more willing to help each other out.

This open culture also leads to more creative ideas or solutions. Employees are more likely to think about what impact the output of their work has on other departments.

How do you promote two-way communication?

Promoting two-way communication is a matter of both systems and culture. You will need to address both to effectively apply two-way communication in your organization.


Systems ensure that there is or is not room for two-way communication. Is your organization still using an old-fashioned intranet system? Then the chances that it encourages, or even allows, two-way communication are slim. A good system for two-way communication encourages employees to give their opinion or support on the latest developments in your company.

With Bundeling, you give your employees plenty of opportunity not only to receive messages, but also to send them. We have designed our platform in such a way that it stimulates employees to give their opinion and share nice updates themselves. We also call this our social intranet! By using the Bundeling app you connect your employees and increase the brand feeling around your organization. Check out our features!


A new system is always exciting to introduce, but beware! Without a culture change, even a new system will not create an open corporate culture. As an organization you will have to get to work to make a change. You can do this, for example, by means of an internal campaign that makes employees aware that their opinion is important to your organization.

Culture change will not happen overnight. This means that sometimes you have to take the lead. Ask for your employees’ opinions and ask them to share them too, let them know that you value their input and that they can always let you know if they have a problem or an idea.

Accessible two-way communication with Bundeling

For some organizations, it’s a big step. Stop sending and start listening. In addition, the bit about culture change can also feel like a challenge. Don’t worry! It’s a matter of perseverance, but your organization will get there too. After all, your colleagues are happy to share their opinions or ideas if they know there is room for it.

Bundeling is happy to help you make the switch to two-way communication. Thanks to our app, your employees can easily read, share and respond to news items. Both in the form of an easily accessible ‘high-five’ and by means of a written message.

In addition, you can fill your personalized Bundeling app with relevant documents, for example for onboarding, and you can choose from numerous integrations. This means you can also use Bundeling to set up Workflows, report damages, fill out expense claims, leave requests, find your payrolls and much more!

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