Girona FC

“It’s a very powerful tool for us and our partners” In this case study, Alex Torremorell, Partnerships Operations Manager and Fransesc Rojas, Head of Hospitality & Business Club at Girona Football Club, explain how Bundeling supports their business club.  The Girona FC Business Club is a vibrant community of partners, hospitality clients, and suppliers connected […]

AS Roma

AS Roma customer case

“It’s a well-done experience”. Guglielmo Donnini, Premium Corporate Sales Account, shares insights into AS Roma’s Business Club initiative and Bundeling contribution in reaching an 80% renewal rate, going from a free to a paid membership. He has been an integral part of AS Roma’s Business Club for three years, witnessing its growth and evolution firsthand. […]


Klantcase NEC OSRN

“Bundeling thinks along with us in a very active way.” My name is Isabelle Rijk, and I work at N.E.C. as a Sales Manager. Together with my colleagues, I am responsible for the commercial budget of our business club. This club consists of 450 companies, all using the Bundeling app. We recently also fully switched […]

AS Saint-Etienne

Customer case AS Saint-Etienne

“It’s undeniably an added value for our business club. Bundeling is a real gold mine” AS Saint-Etienne is one of the best-known football clubs in France. With a high-end and dedicated B2B network exclusively for its partners, AS Saint-Etienne uses Bundeling as part of its Business Club. More than 550 companies interact with each other […]


Klantcase Rumbold header

How Rumbold connects 400 HR Professionals using Bundeling Rumbold is a knowledge-sharing platform for HR professionals. Founded in 2010, it facilitates and encourages the sharing of knowledge between HR professionals, with both online and offline events. There are currently about 250 diverse organizations active on Rumbold’s platform. Over four years ago, Rumbold started using Bundeling. […]

How do you retain staff?

How do you retain staff?

How do you retain staff? Good staff are worth their weight in gold! We probably don’t need to explain that to you. A good employee can add enormous value to your business. In addition, hiring and training staff costs a lot of money. Enough reason to look for an answer to the question; How do you […]

Digital communication

Digital communication

Digital communication Digital communication. It is almost impossible to imagine our society without it. Where it all started with e-mail, nowadays there are hundreds of options to communicate digitally. One of the best-known successors to digital communication is of course SMS, but we have pretty much forgotten about it since the advent of Whatsapp and […]

Knowledge management, what is it really?

Knowledge management, what is it really?

Knowledge management, what is it really? Every organisation has a lot of knowledge. That knowledge exists both at an individual level and within the organisation. By using knowledge management, you ensure that all important knowledge and information is shared and stored. In this post, we address the question: what is knowledge management? And how do you actually […]

How do you promote knowledge sharing in your organisation?

How do you promote knowledge sharing in your organisation?

How do you promote knowledge sharing in your organisation? Knowledge is power, especially when you share it with others. As a company, the knowledge you have in-house is one of the biggest advantages you can grab on your competition. By sharing knowledge, you increase your employees’ productivity and innovativeness. In addition, you create continuity and […]

Geerets De Leeuw

Klantcase Geerets de Leeuw

“It’s really incredible: 100% of our staff use the Bundeling app every day.” Can you tell us a little about yourself and the companies Geerets De Leeuw, and Personenvervoer Midden Limburg? My name is Jan Janssen, and I was born and raised in northern Limburg. I’ve worked in the cooperative world for 30 years and […]