Aim for success with a business app!

Share all information and communication through one central business app.

  • Direct access at home, in the office, or on the go.
  • Our business apps make work easier, smarter, and faster!

Communicate easily with your business app

With a business app, you can easily stay in touch with your colleagues, wherever you are. The app is not only user-friendly but also simple to use. This way, you get to know your team members better and build a stronger bond. Good communication leads to more engaged employees, resulting in satisfied customers.


  • Automate the invitation process with visibility on attendance.

  • Save time as employees find each other faster.

  • Automate membership management and payment processing for efficient administration.

  • Opportunity for advertisements and sponsorships within the app.

  • Area for all members to ask questions or leave comments

  • Enhance connection with personal notifications as birthdays.

More than 1000 organisations are already using Bundeling

Why a business app?

The Central Communication Platform

With the business app, you can easily share documents, plans, and ideas with your team. This saves time as everything can be found in one central place.

Connected Anytime, Anywhere

The business app makes internal communication easier than ever. With features like Group Chats, One-on-One Chat, and News, you can find everything you need within the app. Stay in touch with your team, no matter where you are.

Safety and Reliability

The data you and your colleagues use in the business apps is of great importance. To ensure the privacy and protection of all users, we offer advanced security. This allows you to work without worries.

Network upgrade: Key Features​

  • Save time
  • Easy-to-use communication platform
  • Completely digital and centralized

Schedule events and see who will attend.


Schedule or publish important news instantly with push notifications.


Check out the affiliates and members involved.

Switch to more effective communication

Do you want to work smarter and achieve more with your team? Then it’s time to switch from the old way of communicating to the new way of collaborating. Switch now and make your work easier, more enjoyable, and more productive.

Collaboration within your company is improved with a business app. It makes every aspect of team communication and collaboration simpler and safer. The business app strengthens every organisation and enhances your daily activities. Your team deserves an efficient, streamlined, and user-friendly tool – and that’s exactly what our tool offers. Discover how Bundeling can transform your company. Contact us today for a free demo.