The communication app for your success!

Discover the power of our communication app, designed to optimise communication within companies.

With this all-in-one app, you not only improve internal communication but also the overall productivity and satisfaction of your team.

Communication app as the centre of your organisation

Our communication app is central to connecting teams, regardless of their location. It offers a streamlined, secure, and efficient way to share information, collaborate on projects, and increase engagement within your organisation. The app is easy to integrate with existing systems and can be customised to meet the specific needs of your organisation.


  • Enhance engagement with interactive features like forms, polls, etc.

  • Available in multiple languages for international colleagues.

  • Safe and GDPR-compliant, eliminating the need for private data.

  • Fully customisable to your own branding.

  • Connect with essential business applications.

  • Filter content for employees or management only.

More than 1000 organisations are already using Bundeling​

Why a communication App?

The Central Communication Hub

With the communication app, all communication is clearly bundled in one central app, available on any device. You can easily send messages, share documents, fill in forms, digitalise processes, integrate applications, and much more. This makes communication not only easier but also more effective.

Remote Collaboration

Bundeling is more than just a tool. It is a way to increase collaboration, engagement, and satisfaction within your organisation. With Bundeling, you can get to know your team members, clients, and partners better. You can give and receive feedback, exchange ideas, celebrate successes, and solve problems. This creates a strong and lasting relationship with everyone important to your organisation.

Safe and Reliable

Fully safe and reliable. Your data and that of your users are protected with advanced security that complies with GDPR standards. You can also decide who has access to which information and functions, giving you complete control over your communication app.

Key Features​

  • Easily send messages
  • Conveniently share documents
  • Smartly integrate applications

Create your own menu and add files and links.


Schedule or publish important news instantly with push notifications.

Group chat

Send messages, images and files to each other.

Switch to smarter communication

It’s time to transform the way you and your organisation communicate. Try the Bundeling communication app and experience the benefits of real connection within your organisation.

Working together towards a successful organisation has never been so simple and secure. Bundeling creates a positive impact within every organisation. Curious about what Bundeling can do for your organisation? Then request a free demo with no obligation.