Keep your members engaged with Bundeling

How do you communicate actively and effectively with your members? With Bundeling. Bundeling bundles all your organisation’s communications on a single platform. Completely GDPR compliant and aligned with your organisation’s house style

Organising meetings and events has never been simpler. Members can RSVP directly in the app and see a list of other attendees so they can plan ahead and maximise their networking opportunities. You can even automate the entire invitation process by automatically sending agenda requests, forms and e-tickets.

Everything conveniently organised in one central app

Available on any device

Bring your members together

Secure and GDPR compliant

Stay informed and up to date – anytime, anywhere

1-to-1 and group chats

All the information you need in one app

Have all your organisation’s digitised knowledge, information and communication to hand, right in your pocket. Whether it’s knowledge sharing, activities or market research, Bundeling puts it all in one easy-to-reach place. 

1-to-1 and group chats

Bundeling keeps all your members updated about what’s happening in your industry with one simple, accessible app on their mobile phones. Everyone is always connected, helping to increase interaction and engagement.

More than 1000 organisations are already using Bundeling

VASS Netherlands brings car companies and suppliers together with Bundeling

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Bundeling’s features at a glance

Bundeling connects your organisation’s people and teams. All in one place and on any device. Would you like to collaborate better, faster, and smarter? Effortlessly integrate files and business applications? You can with Bundeling!

Here’s an overview of our most popular features. Want to know more about what Bundeling can do for your organisation? 

User profiles

Find members’ contact details, photos and other information, and make connections and introductions with the user profiles feature. Users can be organised into different groups and/or organisations. The app can also automatically let other members know when it’s someone’s birthday.

1-op-1 chat

A space for your members to chat, customised to reflect the look and feel of your organisation. The chat feature is completely GDPR compliant.


Schedule and publish important news (with push notifications). News messages can be targeted to specific groups so the right news reaches the right people. You can decide whether to allow likes and reactions.


Schedule your activities in Bundeling, and your members can sign up for them via the platform. Get live overviews of registrations and export guest lists.


Generate e-tickets in Bundeling and use the ticket scanner to check them.

Bulletin board

Bundeling updates the old-fashioned bulletin board for the connected world with a multi-purpose tool where members can post their own messages. Many of our customers use the bulletin board as a social channel or a platform for posting classified ads.

Group Chats

Create chat groups and control who can access them. Share files at individual and group level.


Create forms effortlessly and add them to the main menu, news or activities sections.


Use all the Bundeling features via the browser on your desktop or laptop, just as you would in the app.


Add fixtures to your Bundeling platform and energise your sports community with simple sign-ups, live scores and other fun tools.

Social sharing

Make your members your ambassadors by allowing them to share your news items on social media and give your important information a wide reach.


Bundeling’s most popular plugin. A drag & drop tool that allows you to effortlessly configure your own Bundeling platform. Create new (sub) menus, integrate websites, add files and control what everyone sees.


Poll your members’ opinions with quick questions and increase their involvement in the business club.

Developed in-house, ‘DataLink’ can retrieve data from any application with API capabilities and integrate it into your Bundeling platform.

API connection

Our API allows you to retrieve and send data to your Bundeling platform so Bundeling can communicate with your preferred system.


Want to know more about what Bundeling can do for your organisation? Fill in the contact form, and we’ll be in touch soon!

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