The business community at Pivot Park

Pivot Park is one of the fastest-growing campuses in the Netherlands. It offers laboratory and office space to start-ups and scale-ups engaged in pharmaceutical innovation. Currently, over 60 companies are renting space at Pivot Park, with some 650 employees working across 7 buildings.

Pivot Park is growing in leaps and bounds, which is why two more buildings are currently being added to the campus. The expansion will allow even more companies to become a part of a large network where pharmaceutical development is key. To connect these companies in a smart way, Pivot Park uses, among others, Bundeling’s communication platform.

Business community

Using Bundeling’s central platform, Pivot Park turns a private business community into something concrete: an online work environment for everyone connected to the campus. One that’s easy to use on both phones and laptops. As a result, employees of various companies can easily connect and exchange knowledge. Pivot Park also uses the community’s platform to bundle all communications and processes reliably and effectively. And, as they say, it’s great:

“Before we started working with Bundeling, we used various mailing lists and communication tools. That all took a lot of time to set up and was very inefficient. And it was difficult for companies to get in touch with each other, for example, to share knowledge. Using Bundeling’s platform, each company can decide for itself what information they want to share, making the process a lot more effective,” says Charlotte Landesbergen, marketing communications manager at Pivot Park.

Pivot Park telefoons
More than networking

Employees can do so much more than just connect, using Pivot Park’s community app. For example, Pivot Park offers meeting and conference rooms, and everything needed to run a lab. Additionally, all communications about community events go through the app. Employees can even place their lunch orders with Pivot Park’s restaurant in just two clicks!

“Bundeling is a very important communication tool for us,” Charlotte explains. “We keep companies and their employees informed about news and updates. Companies can share information and knowledge among themselves in a private network: all campus information can be found in your pocket. Our statistics also show that employees often use information from the app. It offers companies the opportunity to accelerate, grow, and excel in the discovery and development of drugs.”