Create your own community app

With Bundeling, you connect your staff and members through one central community app.

  • Stay connected, wherever you are 
  • Bundeling is not just a communication platform; it’s the key to an engaged and well-informed team.

Easy communication with a community app

Our community app helps your staff stay connected in a rapidly changing world. The app is easy to use and fosters the bond between your employees. This way, you improve engagement, internal communication, and customer satisfaction.


  • Increase engagement with interactive features like group chats, forms, polls, etc.

  • Save time by helping employees find each other faster.

  • Secure and GDPR-compliant, ensuring no private data is needed.

  • Integrate with essential business applications.

  • Create space for all members to post questions or comments.

  • Fully customizable to your brand style.

More than 1000 organisations are already using Bundeling

Why a community App?

The Central Communication Hub

With the community app, you share documents, forms, and processes with your colleagues. You can also integrate existing platforms with just a few clicks. Thus, Bundeling becomes the central communication hub of your organization.

Always Connected, Wherever You Go

With our community app, you can communicate quickly and easily with all your colleagues. Create group chats for different departments or locations, send one-on-one messages to your colleagues, or share important news. Our app makes internal communication much more efficient.

Safety First

Your and your colleagues’ data are extremely valuable. That’s why we ensure optimal protection of your privacy with advanced security, so you can work without interruption.

Key Features

  • Save time
  • User-friendly communication platform
  • All-in-one digital bundle

Schedule events and see who will attend.


Schedule or publish important news instantly with push notifications.


View affiliated members and their contact details.

Switch to more efficient working

It’s time to change your current way of working to the new way of working with the community app. With the community app, you can experience the benefits of real connection within your organisation today.

Bundeling makes it easy and safe to form a close-knit team. With Bundeling, you always have a positive impact on every organisation. Your team gets the best of the best – and that’s exactly what we offer. Curious about what Bundeling can do for your organisation? Request a free demo now with no obligations.