“Bundeling delivers exactly what we purchased it for”

Laudy Bouw & Ontwikkeling, a subsidiary of Ballast Nedam, is a construction company from Limburg. The company specializes in the development, construction, maintenance, and restoration of high-quality real estate. For a long times, they’d been looking for a way to better reach and connect with their employees on the construction site. Laudy came into contact with Bundeling through the Limburg Real Estate Society. We spoke with Martijn Elders, Coordinator of Commerce, PR & Marketing of Laudy Bouw & Ontwikkeling, about their experiences. 

How did your Bundeling journey begin?

 “Construction companies’ employees are usually active outside office walls, and our employees are no exception. However, if you’re on-site, you barely check your e-mail. But we still wanted to reach our employees and include them in all communications: this is what makes us one team. That’s when we started looking for solutions. After some trial and error with intranet and posting notes in containers on-site, we came in touch with Bundeling. They offer everything we need to create genuine engagement with our employees.”

How are things now, two years later?

“Using Bundeling, we’re able to reach our employees on-site. 97% of them have installed the app on their work phone or even on their personal phone or tablet. Sharing news has become incredibly easy — and, what’s more, employees actually read our messages. Since we’ve started using Bundeling, we’ve noticed that there’s a huge demand for this way of communication.”

Laudy Bouw menu
Are there any specific features you use a lot?

“The great thing about Bundeling is that it allows you to segment everything so that you can make a clear distinction between things like company news or documents from the works council. Our staff association also uses the app to communicate with its members clearly and conveniently: employees only receive the information that’s meant for them. They also use the staff register to look up colleagues, and can easily sign up for business activities, workshops and staff association events via the app.”

“All these things are a lot easier and more convenient using Bundeling instead of e-mail. We also had a number of additional requests, which Bundeling immediately started working on. All the requested features have since been developed: it feels great to have our needs taken seriously. Bundeling is a success because more of Ballast Nedam’s subsidiaries are joining the platform. And for good reason: it is simply very well built.”