New Plug-in: AutoTranslate

Do you often need texts in multiple languages? Maybe because your organization wants to reach international employees or customers? In cases like these, our new plug-in is exactly what you need. From now on, it is possible to translate texts into more than 100 languages at the push of a button.

This is how it works.

It’s simple: you just place a text in your own language on the Bundeling platform. To update your colleagues on a fun news item, to invite them to a staff event or to inform them of urgent information, for example.

Does a platform member have their default language set to Polish? Then a translate button to Polish will appear on their screen next to your message. When they click on it, the translated text appears below the original. In precisely the same layout. Convenient, right? This automatic translation works for News, Events, and AppCMS pages.

Other updates

But that’s not all. We mentioned it above, but our platform is now also available in Polish. In addition, you can add more default values in text fields in FlexForms, such as company name, phone number, and user function . Our platform now also supports Full HD images (1920×1080).

With all available languages and new updates, it will be even easier to get (and stay!) in touch with your stakeholders. Information will be more accessible so that all your stakeholders can make the most of the Bundeling platform. This is how you really bundle everything and everyone together.