“When the sun comes out, use of the app skyrockets”

Theo Clevers started his first ice cream parlour in Grubbenvorst, Limburg, 35 years ago. Since then, Clevers has become one of the Netherlands’ best-known ice cream parlour chains. Today, with eight franchise locations and its own production facility, IJssalon Clevers has earned international recognition by winning several prestigious awards. In 2019, the teams at IJssalon Clevers recognised the need for a better way to keep their growing group of employees informed. Two years later, the Clevers app was an indispensable tool within the organisation.


The team at IJssalon Clevers needed a single, central tool that they could use to make information available to the entire organisation or to certain groups within it. They also wanted to configure the platform in a way that gave every employee access to the information they needed, whenever they needed it.

“Clevers was experiencing rapid growth, and our multiple WhatsApp groups were no longer effective. Maintaining consistency across all the branches was also becoming increasingly difficult. Bundeling has allowed us to really organise everything on the same platform, from scheduling to instructional videos and from group chats to the menu.”’

The ice cream maker also uses Bundeling to increase uniformity and consistency across all their branches, ensuring that every ice cream sundae they serve looks and tastes exactly the same, regardless of where it is ordered. Clevers has created practical, step-by-step instruction videos that explain things like how to make each sundae or slice a pineapple perfectly. These videos can all be found in the app, so they can be sure all their employees do things exactly the same way.

The influence the weather can have on ice cream parlours is clearly reflected in the statistics. On hot days, use of the app skyrockets. “When the sun unexpectedly comes out, we have to get creative with our planning and may need staff to jump in and help at short notice. That can all be organised with our Clevers app. So there are times when the app is suddenly very, very busy.”

Clevers Iphone

Onboarding and training

Bundeling is also very useful for training and onboarding new employees. “When new employees join the company, they’re automatically sent a link so they can fill in their profile. New employees are given access to the Clevers app well before their first day, which allows them to prepare by watching all the instruction videos, browsing staff profiles, and familiarising themselves with the company.” Kim Peters is enthusiastic: “The app means we can give all our new employees a taste of what it will be like working here before their first day. It also provides extra opportunities for team building. For example, we run a European Cup pool via the Clevers app. It’s clear that everyone within our organisation is actively using the Bundeling app.”